; Tel:+91 20 6500 5053


Mr. M. Sivaraman (G. M. - CR Injector) ( Delphi TVS) 10/12/2013

I am very impressed with the gauges demonstrated to me which are meant for Mahindra & Mahindra. Well done Task for developing such high Quality Gauging Stations. I am sure we can work together & develop gauges for Delphi TVS.

Mr. Marco Margrotto (COO) ( Sata Vikas Ltd.) 29/10/2013
Familiar Involvement, good understanding in application, easy solutions in machine.

Mr. Nitin Dambale (Process Mgr. - Hydraulic Mfg.) ( Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.  Nagpur) 20/10/2012 
My First visit to M/s Task Involvement of people. With to challenge the status - customer oriented, - Eager to understand customer need, - team very enthusiastic, - happy with setup & competency of people.

Mr. Vivek Talmale (General Manger)(Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Zaheerabad) 15/10/2012 
Impressed with continued progress of Task journey & capability in gauging system. Also Impressed with the innovative product which they are bring & meeting the continuous demand of customers. Innovation culture starts from Top which was seen in the meeting with top management.

Mr. Himmatrao Patil (Mgr. - Mfg. Engg.) ( AAM Services India Pvt. Ltd.) 12/10/2012 
The new factory established is well equipped and this changes the perception & confidence of the customers.

Mr. Marc Klabes (Project Kamaz Axles) ( Diamler India) 12/10/2012 
Very friendly & worm welcome indigenous & interesting plant that show capability of Task, very open for suggestion & further initiative to be ahead.

Mr. R Ramaswamy (A.V.P - Q.A. & Reliability) ( Bharat Forge) 05/08/2012 
Very much impressed with the consistent progress of TASK in course of time. The horse is always on the move and the momentum will take TASK to further leaps & glory in future. the hard & dedicated work of all Task personnel seen. God will always be with you.

T.K.Rangarajan ( L&T) 13/01/2012 
Very Good setup. Clarity in conceptual requirement and excellent in execution capabilities. All the Best!

Khuman Singh ( Rolex Rolled) 31/12/2011
Good automated system to save man power Task precision Industries will go on top with Rolex in Future Task has very good hospitality management

S. M. Durge (Ashok Leyland Ltd. - Bhandara)  11/11/2011
M/S Task, happy to see the innovative approach towards measurement and gauging systems, would really add value to customer processes and products. Very much delightful receiving the warm and pleasing approach.

R. S. Bahl (Escorts Ltd. - FBD)  12/7/2011
M/S Task is a very innovative small setup for Customised Gauging application and is showing very promising and successful approach for Customer satisfaction/delight.

Mr. Cesar Lopez (Quality Product Engg. Manager) (Tremec Torque Transfer Solutions)  03/05/2011
I feel better seeing all possibilities of gauges & controls that you are able to develop. I agree to work with you in short future.

Mr. E. Arumugam (Dy. Manager - Quality - REVL Plant 3) (Rane Engine Valve Ltd.)  04/02/2011
Design of multiage system is good & very simple mechanism. The team work is very excellent and very good co-operation to customer.

Mr. Surinder Sardana ( Chief Manager Engine PU) (Escorts Ltd.)  20/09/2010
New Innovation observed which is replacement of Air Plug gauges with Solid Plug gauges. Task is Innovative and precision company .

Mr. Rajesh Bandishte ( Sr. Gen Mgr.) (Mahindra Hinoday Industries Ltd.)  21/11/2009
I admire the originality & enthusiasm to develop a new idea.

Mr. Ashish Bhatnagar ( Vice President) (Mahle Engine Components India Pvt. Ltd.)  29/11/2007
I can see a person who is inspiring to his employees and make relationship with people / Customers. He is a visionary and can take Task to great heights. His creativity will keep the gauging industry alive and I wish him to be the world leader in the gauging industry.

Mr. B. S. Khargoankar (Senior Vice President) (Force Motors Ltd.)  26/11/2007
Innovation and creation are God’s gift to an individual. These skills which are bestowed by God in Kausar can be seen every step into the Task.

Mr. S.B. Narkhede (Sr. DGM. - Mfg. Engg. & Projects) (TMTL Bhopal)  21/11/2007
Crankshaft Gauging exceptionally innovated and time saving, this will help to reduce total cycle time for Crank Shaft, Excellent.

Mr. C.V. Pimputkar (Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Nagpur)  21/11/2007
Crankshaft Multigauging System is really ideal example of innovation idea & excellent workmanship. It is really a very good product & should be formalized by doing Patent. Good luck for bright business prospects.

Mr. Piyush Joshi (Assistant GM) (Tata Motors - Lucknow)  16/10/2007
I have a long association with Task & wish to continue for new developments in gauging, in process checking & low cost automations with them.

Mr. Prakash Kumar (Managing Director) (City Liner Global Limited)  10/7/2007
Interesting work done at low cost. Task has a bright future.

Mr. S.V.Sohoni (G.M.Quality Control)  (Cummins India Ltd.)  3/02/2006
Visited after 3 years & considerable improvements   observed, particularly design capabilities.

Mr. Ravi Venkatachari (DGM – Central Q.A & MR – QMS, EMS & OHSAS - Proposed) (Larsen & Tubro Ltd.) 3/12/2005
M/S Task is a very innovative small setup for Customised Gauging application and is showing very promising and successful approach for Customer satisfaction/delight.

Mr. P.P. Gavandi (Tata Motors Ltd.)  31/10/2004
We were impressed by the hospitality & the knowledge we could gather during very small time we spent here.

Mr. Sailendra Behera (Director) (RSB Transmission)  10/09/2004
Mr. Kausar is an innovative man, I will wish him Task can do and grow faster than any of the industries. All the best.

Mr. A. K. Singhal (Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd.)  15/12/2002
A good in house gauges manufacturing in an excellent environment. Expertise as in-house software development to suit the customer need. They have capacity to supply gauging systems to suit individual need. A very fruitful visit & given confidence to work.

Mr. S. K. Joshi (Associate VP) (Cummins India Ltd.)  23/10/2001
Excellent inputs, thoughts, dedication will give good results. There are rough times, hard times! Remember hard times do not last long, hard people will do! Concentrate, devote. All the best

Mr. P.K. Rath ( G. M. – Chakan ) (Bajaj Auto Ltd.)  30/09/2001
Thing have moved for the better at a fast pace for Task. The steps are in the right direction of customer focus. Wish the team a very great future & success