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Task testing machine 3D

These are extremely robust testing machines developed in house by Task for a variety of applications as demanded by the industry. They can range from fatigue testing to structural testing to robotic testing for Electro-mechanical components such as automotive switches, electronic testing machines with a completely automated computerised interface which generates reports and readings as per the requirement of the user.

Some of the different testing machine applications are mentioned below :-

  • Mechanical Testing machines for Durability, Structural and Fatigue testing
  • Testing Machines for Electronics 
  • Automated Robotic Testing Machines for Electro-mechanical Components such as Automotive Switches  
  • Automated Testing machines to inspect fixtures
  • Quality Control Machines at the end of line
  • Lifecycle Testing Machines

Some of the different processes involved in the development of these machines are:-

Manufacturing and Assembly of Different components 

  • Detailed mechanical design depending upon the nature of testing and the component
  • Design and manufacturing of Adjustable, removable fixture for mounting of mechanical component on testbed
  • Design of Automated mounting of component
  • Pneumatic and Hydrauic Actuators
  • Selection of Electrical motors (Servo / Induction)
Instrumentation Design

  • Selection of Displacement Sensors (LVDT, Cable Pull Encoder, Rotary Encoder)
  • Selection of Fatigue Rated Load Cells (Pancake, Rod End, Beam Type)
  • Selection of Torque Sensors
  • Selection of Pressure Measurement Sensors
  • Implementation of Vision Inspection & Measurement Systems 
Machine Control / Automation Control

  • Implementation of Programmable Control System (PLC) on unit
  • Control of Pneumatic & Hydraulic Actuators
  • Control of Induction Motors / Servo Motors
  • Control of Multi Axis Robotic Arms & Grippers
Testing & Measurement Software

  • Customized Measurement & Control Screens according to customer
  • Programmable Setup Screen (Test Plan, Cycle Setup)
  • Customer oriented Data Analysis Screens / Statistical Process Control 
  • Instrument Calibration Screens for callibration

Some Succesful Projects

  • Durability testing rig for Accelerator , Brake & Clutch Pedal Assembly of a four wheeler
  • Structural Testing Rig for an Accelerator, Brake & Clutch pedal assembly of a four wheeler
  • End of Line Inspection machine for Accelrator, Brake and Clutch Pedal Assembly
  • Durability Testing Machine of a Suspension Swing Arm  of an Electric bike 
  • Durability Testing Machine using Machine Vision for Electronic Braille
  • Durability Testing Rig for entire two wheeler
  • Durability Testing Machine for Rotary & Linear Electrical Switches
  • Durability Testing Rig for Combination Switch 
  • Durability Testing Rig for fatigue testing of a 4 wheeler Hand Brake
  • Durability Testing Rig for fatigue testing of a 2 wheeler Side Stand
  • Durability Testing Rig for a Crank Shaft
  • Robotic Testing Machine for Automotive Switches 
  • Six Axis robot for Tactile Pressure Measurement(Combination Switch, Linear & Rotary Switches)
  • Electric Motor Testing Rig for Brushless Motor
  • Franklin Tester Machine used for transformer winding (Measure surface resistance / quality control of insulation coating)
  • Refrigerator Testing Rig to check different parameters such as Earthing, Timer, Compressor Star Rating & Electrical parameters, Vacuum Pressure Monitoring
  • End of Line Quality Inspection Machine for Electric Water Heater
  • End of Line Inspection Machine for Power Electronic Devices