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Multigauging system are developed to check all static & dynamic parameter in one step where very skilled operator is not needed & the system has facility for SPC & SQC analysis. The main usage of our products is in measurement of high precision mechanical parts. The biggest domain of application of our products is the automotive industry.
The multigauging control is based on the comparison with a perfect mechanical master. It is used as a reference part during the calibration process of the probes. The produced parts are then compared with this master in order to check their dimensions. This is a comparative measurement where the quality and repeatability of the measurement chain is essential.

  1. Aerospace, Automotive and Bearing industry.
  2. Conrod
  3. Cylinder Head/Block.
  4. Main shaft / Crankshaft.
  5. Valve
  6. Piston
  7. Housing
  8. Liner

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