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Let us take you through a Vision Inspection setup with auto rejection bins in the video below:-


This is an indigenous system developed by Task to measure parameters upto an accuracy of 2 microns using optical vision instruments such as cameras. Some of the different applications where this system has been used are mentioned below:-

  • Accurate measurement of linear dimensions of a component upto 2 microns
  • Measurement of profiles such as rear view glass mirror
  • Measurement of distance of successive rubber sheets on a rolling drum
  • Measurment of cylinder block holes for dowelling locations
  • Identification through digitization of vehicle number plates

Some Real Production images from our Vision Inspection System installed at customer's end.

Picture-61-300x169  vis2-300x173 
vis1-300x165 vis2-300x173

The different components involved in the system are explained below:-

Vision sensor for measurement – Camera

  • 1/3 inch CMOS Sensor
  • 1080p Full HD resolution at 30fps
  • Sensor Pixel Size – 2.2 * 2.2 microns
  • Universal Video Class (UVC) compatible
  • 5-50mm CS mount manual focus, manual iris, manual zoom len
Geometric Measurement Software  

  • Measurement & Image Analysis Screens
  • Compare images with a component master image  
  • Imaging Filters / Imaging Math & Geometry Function Screens