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Task Gauges Internet of things
Task has developed an Internet of Things interface to help make machines smarter, increase efficiency and productivity, data analysis which in turn increases quality assurance and higher control over the system. The interface basically gathers and analyzes real time data preparing reports which provide valuable information to help make real time decisions easier on the floor.

Some of the salient features of the product are mentioned below-

  • Comapct Interface which can be installed anywhere with a wired connection with the machine and with easy configuration
  • Data aquisition from machines available with cloud connectivity to process data remotely through web, destop or mobile applications
  • Frontend Client interface for monitoring system parameters & generating real time reports
  • Conventional Statistical Process Control Calculations (Cp, Cpk, IMR Chart, Bell Curve) generated from Interface
  • Universal Communication Ports such as RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet for communication with machines & field instruments
  • Analog Input Port for capturing data from process sensors
  • Digital Input / Output Ports for discrete machine signals
Applications of Internet of Things (IOT) Interface

  • Monitoring of Plant Performance (Production, Power System, Utility (Vacuum, Compressed Air, Steam, Water, Fire System), Quality Work Processes, Warehouse & Inventory)
  • Monitoring of Solar Plant / SCADA (Inverters, Current String Meters, Energy Meters, Environment Sensors)
  • Data interface for Task Automated Gauging Solutions – LVDT Sensors, Dial Gauge, Vernier, Micrometer, Air Gauge, Plug Gauge, Height Gauge, Multigauging Fixtures
  • Process Control Data Analysis (Sensors & Instruments, Process Performance)
  • Monitoring of Process Parameters - Current, Voltage, Temperature, Radiation, Power Factor, Weight, Pressure
  • Monitoring of Machine data from line (Assembly Machines, Primary & Secondary Packaging Machines)
  • Monitoring of Machine Parameters to increase efficiency - Production Count, Speed, MTBF, MTRR, Equipment Efficiency, Planned & Unplanned Downtime
  • Specialised mobile applications such as drone surveying where the IOT interface is combined with Task's machine Vision system for specialised applications such as aerial surveys