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Hub Shim Selection

TASK Hub Shim Selection System is an automated inspection system, measuring all conventional parameters within 20 seconds

as mentioned below and proving its quality by also calculating the capability of the manufacturing machine with Task online Statistical Process Controls for following parameters:
1. Checking Distance Between Top And Bottom Bearing Gap
2. Checking Spacer Thickness
3. Shim Required Is Displayed On The Screen.
4. Operator Confirm The Calculated And Actual Shim With Poka Yoka Based Shim Confirmation Fixture and Assembles

The measuring station is a high speed performing machine made of a robust structure with its entire X &Y axis Precision Movements controlled by high definition FLC Controls, Hydraulic Cylinder, Precision Slide and in- house customized software to suit the shop floor condition and environment for 100% inspection having Repeatability and Reproducibility within 10%.


Special design and controls are used for loading and unloading to eliminate any human intervention during gauging.

TASK Hub Runout Checking Machine

The video below gives us a brief look at the Task Hub Runout Checking Machine

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