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The Digital SPC Interface provides the link between your gauges and the PC or SPC workstation.

DSI converts the output of any manufacturer's gauge into standard RS-232 (for direct input to the

PC's or PLC's serial port) or RS 485 compatible output.

This allows easy automated input into any SPC or other data collection software.

With the DSI flexibility, you can collect data from devices like gauges, calipers, micrometers,

indicators, torque wrenches, hardness testers, height gauges, temperature gauges, pressure

sensors, scales, and instruments.

DSI is ready to collect data right out of the box - no software to set-up. Simply plug and play. It is

powered with a standard DC power supply (9-24volts)

DSI can be configured to operate in static mode (instant or normal reading), or dynamic mode

(MIN, MAX, TIR readings). The input channel can be individually controlled - triggered externally

by the gauge's SEND button, foot switch or simple host commands.

Stand out features:

  1. Plug & Play -- no software to set-up.
  2. Full featured -- static & dynamic modes.
  3. Host command operation and set-up.
  4. RS-232 output or RS485 output.
  5. Footswitch input, LED status light.
  6. Accepts Mitutoyo & other gauge manufacturers.
  7. Standard 9600 N81.