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Task is a manufacturer of Universal & Customized Gauging Systems, Gauging Automation Systems & Low Cost Automation Projects.

Task specializes in the development of TOTAL CUSTOMIZED GAUGING SYSTEM. Company's strength lies in the field of MECHANICAL, ELECTRONIC & SPC that is at par with international standards, and providing AFTER SALES SERVICE and continuous in-house development of import substitute products and spares.

We Offer Measurements for - Size, Ovality, Lobing, Taper, Grading, Concentricity, Centre Distance, Flatness, Squareness & Match Gauging.

SPC Analysis is available as per QS 9000, ISO 9002 , API SPEC-QI Standard & As per Customer Requirement.

Visit our in Depth Blog to know more about our machines and the technology that goes into it. Click here to read more..

Universal Gauges

universal gauges

These are extremely operator friendly & robust gauges specifically designed & developed for mass production & cheaper components Read More....

Electronic Gauges

electronic gauges

These are very accurate & reliable systems used for precise components where quality is high & tolerance is very tight. The display has Read More...

Air Plug/Contact Type Gauges

air guages

Air plug / Contact Type Plug gauges have a robust and shockproof construction which require minimum maintenance. Read More...



Multigauging system are developed to check all static & dynamic parameter in one step where very skilled operator is not needed & the Read More...

Gauging Automation

gauging automation

We have developed & installed fully auto gauging system for auto components & bearing industries where the machine itself loads, unloads components Read More....

Low Cost Automation

low cost automation

We also provide general automation services which help reduce manpower as well as human error, and increases productivity Read More...

Electronic Dial Integration

dial integration

Hardware and Software customization with SPC for data capturing from all digital gauges (E.g... Mitutoyo, tesa...). Real time Read More...



SPC plays an important role in helping you to improve product quality and is an invaluable solution in streamlining operations to ultimately make Read More...